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Erick Masten Platten

Tyler, TX 75702

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Practice Areas

  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law & Divorce
  • Immigration Law

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.9

Sulayman aka costy

a month ago

This is a great place to defend and protect you when you need them. They helped me from Texas to Tennessee and Tennessee to Texas with love and understanding. And they do it all peacefully and willfully. Thank you Erick and your Team!!

Cameron brown

a year ago

Great attorney, very knowledgeable and helpful , would highly recommend hiring him!! An attorney who will actually sit down listen and care for your own well being and Also gave me a great peace of mind knowing I can sleep tonight ! Thanks Erick !

Josh Bostic

a week ago

Eric made sure I got home ASAP. How much is your freedom worth? With Eric I made my first parole. I wouldn’t roll the dice and go in front of the parole board without him.

misti perez

2 weeks ago

VERY HELPFUL!!! Had a mess up in court orders Mr.platten was very quick to fix the situation!! Would highly recommend.

Gaye Ellison

a month ago

Mr. Platten represented my daughter in a DWI case. Using his expertise in sobriety testing he was able to secure a dismissal of all charges based on the traffic stop being a bad stop. I am so thankful for his perseverance. His communication also helped calm this mom's fears too. I highly recommend Mr. Platten if you need someone to represent you well.

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