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Birdsong & Armstrong, P.C.

211 E Houstan Street
Tyler, TX 75702

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Practice Areas

  • Business Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law & Divorce
  • Real Estate Law

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.8

Roxie Seidl

3 months ago

I am so happy I chose Birdsong Law firm to do my will. They are super helpful, patient and very nice to work with. I would highly recommend them for your legal services. Lynette is just the nicest person and Mr. Birdsong answered all of my questions and made the process simple leaving me with peace of mind.

Brooks Terrell

2 years ago

Lindsey Birdsong is an excellent attorney. He has helped me with organizational documents for several entities, as well as helped with business issues that have arisen along the way. He is honest and personable; I enjoy working with him.

Ryan Champlin

2 years ago

Lindsey Birdsong is one of those exceptional lawyers who helps move opportunities forward. He knows the law, he understands interpersonal relationships and he is a lifelong Texan. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Greg Cummings

2 years ago

I have worked with Lindsey Birdsong for over 20 years in my professional career as well as my personal business and have the utmost respect for him. His work is exceptional and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of the services of an attorney.

Katherine Koeffler

2 years ago

I have been both an employee and a client and they are a great bunch of guys to work with on both levels.

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