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R. Keith Spencer

Solving Your Legal Puzzle™

1901 Airport Freeway
Bedford, TX 76021

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About R. Keith Spencer

The Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston law firm of Bailey & Galyen is a "consumer law firm" in the state of Texas with over 40 attorneys and multiple offices across Texas. Bailey & Galyen has expanded to include comprehensive services related to the negotiation and litigation of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. The pride of past accomplishments here at Bailey & Galyen has challenged the firm to expand its legal practices, further its commitment to excellence and maintain a national reputation.

Practice Areas

  • Family Law & Divorce

Other Practice Areas

  • Adoption
  • Alimony
  • Child Custody
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Fathers' Rights
  • Marriage Agreements
  • Paternity Rights

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Recent Reviews

Average Rating: 4.4

Robbie Teague

in the last week

Demetra helped me find case numbers when the name involved was styled in an unexpected fashion, and county clerk couldn't find records based on what I know. Helpful to the max. She genuinely cares to assist with your needs. Robbie.

Vicki Soule

a month ago

Demetra was very knowledgeable, professional, helpful, personable, and responsive. Whenever I need legal services in the future, she is the one I will call! She was easy to work with, answered all of my questions, and made sure everything was in order! An Excellent Value Overall! Bailey and Galyen are my first choice for legal matters.

DeWayne Ivey

in the last week

If you need to hire an attorney for a Workers Compensation case save your money and do it yourself or find someone else. This firm does nothing to represent you. I gave them a 5 star rating at the beginning of my case hoping to get good representation. It turned out to be the worst service I have ever received. No representation it was only shuffling of paper work when needed and I had to initiate the situation for that to happen. Do not go here only a suggestion.

Allen Wood

2 months ago

Demetra and Mr. Bailey did a great job with my case, I had no idea what to do in a Probate and when I initially was looking around for help, no one would even talk to me without wanting me to give them some money first, I just had some basic questions and Demetra spent time telling me about the firm and what to expect if we used them and then put me through to Mr. Bailey who talked to me at 8pm at night and provided me with a ton of information and didn't insist on payment until I got there and met them. I know everyone is in it for the money in the end but in this situation, This firm won out because they had a little compassion along with that desire. Demetra kept in touch with me every step of the way and responded to every email and call and answered all my questions and some. When it was a grey area, she put me straight through to Mr. Bailey who then could give me the best advice. Great Law Firm with Great people.

David Barnhouse

2 months ago

This is Jerri Queen. Ms. Demetra Russell was my contact while I was probating my husband's will. She was always very responsive and professional. She made sure I understood every piece of the probate process and plus ensured that I had the tools to do what needed to be done to handle the probate during the Covid-19 pandemic when courts were closed for the most part. I enjoyed working with her and in the event those services are needed in the future, I will use the same firm and would definitely work with her again.

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