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Mary D.

4 months ago

Rating: 5

The reverse mortgage process is different from the traditional mortgage process and I'm fortunate to have had Joseph Yamaner as my attorney in navigating this new territory. From beginning to end Joseph was attentive, thorough, and above all experienced. He came highly recommended to me and he exceeded my expectations.

marjorie cortes

2 months ago

Rating: 5

It was a long journey, but we finally made it. Having Joseph as our lawyer was exceptional. He was very thorough and patient with any questions we had. Also his associate Nigina Khasidova was also involved with our case and did a tremendous job. Joseph was not only my lawyer but became my friend long distance. I highly recommend Joseph Yamaner and Nigina Khasidova with any estate. I give them 5 stars!


5 months ago

Rating: 5

My father (an attorney) had passed away in early 2020 (pre-pandemic). Since he was an attorney, he prepared his own will and had other members of the firm (where he was working at the time in Manhattan about ten years ago) sign it as witnesses. With that being said, many people would assume the probate process would be fairly straight-forward. This is where picking the correct probate attorney come into play. So, my brother and I researched probate attorneys in Queens (which is local to me) along with the average cost involved (so we knew the approximate cost to expect) and made an appointment with one located on Queens Boulevard (not Yamaner and Associates), what a mistake! To make a long story short, two street smart, successful, college educated professionals (we are in our 30’s/early 40’s) from Queens were treated like naïve, grieving grandmothers. In addition to questioning aspects of the will (which was rock solid since it was prepared by an attorney!) essentially making the simple, complicated they then went on to tell us that their cost to take care of everything for us would be $15,000 (excluding city/state fees that may apply). At that moment, many expletives ran through my mind but I remained professional as they went to another room to type up the retainer. He pushed the hard sell and wanted us to sign right there (which wasn’t going to happen), so we took the retainer agreement and told them we will consider it. We never returned. A few days later, I met alone (my brother went back home since he now lives out of state) with Joseph Yamaner and Nigina Khasidova at their office on Woodhaven Boulevard. The difference between the unnamed firm mentioned above, and Yamaner and Associates was quite apparent after just a few minutes of speaking with them. Immediately, joseph Yamaner and I got along very well. He treats you with respect and is very upfront about all the costs involved (will get to that soon). Mr. Yamaner is also quite an intriguing person that has a wealth of knowledge/experience that he acquired over decades (He reminds me somewhat of the “Most Interesting Man in the World” from the Dos Equis beer commercials). Mr. Yamaner works with another attorney, Nigina Khasidova, who I emailed/spoke to the most once the process started. She is very professional, polite and gets back to you promptly when you call or email. I personally feel that they compliment each other very well, and they both made a potentially complicated process, simple. So, now onto the cost. Joseph Yamaner & Associates charged me less than $5,000 (excluding city/state fees) to take care of everything as opposed to the other firm which wanted $15,000 to do the same job. Yamaner & Associates did their best to move things along (considering the courts were closed for a while due to the pandemic) and I received my Letter of Testament. If you’re reading this review, do yourself a favor and visit Yamaner & Associates when you are researching which firm you’d like to retain. Make sure that you are fully informed and compare the costs (you’ll save a small fortune) involved when choosing a law firm to assist you in the probate process. I will also be using this firm for my real estate closing in the near future. Thank you both for your excellent work.

Jacinto Gonzalez

a year ago

Rating: 5

Founding a lawyer firm who answer your calls and return your calls is plenty enough but they not only do that , they spend time with you and explain with details what they have to be do , they guide you all the way and keep you inform of every step ,are people that with their knowledge and professionalism really you can trust. I'm really happy to found them , and recommend Joseph and specially Nigina , for her interest and advise. I give them 5 stars because are no 6.

Luis “Louie” Betances

11 months ago

Rating: 5

I hired Joseph N Yamaner to handle the matters of my dearly departed friend’s Estate. From my initial consultation, Joseph, Nigina Khasidova and Cynthia Mejia made me feel at ease. All my questions were answered, and they walked me through the long and lengthy process. Joseph and Nigina were always available to answer my calls, text and emails. I felt like family when I visited the office. They never sugar coated anything and yet they made me feel at ease. Joseph exerted confidence from the beginning and a positive result was obtained. I would strongly recommend Joseph N Yamaner and Associates to all my friends and family.

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