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Regina phalange

7 months ago

Rating: 5

"The only weapon and shield you need in a custody battle" 5.0 stars Posted by Regina Phlange September 18, 2020 My ex-spouse is a narcissist, willing to lie, use our child as a pawn, no matter how shameless, no matter how long and even at our child's expense. The smallest decisions between us require a debate and very careful consideration much like a chess match. Intelligent narcissists can master manipulation and be almost impossible to get ahead of. Francine Cohen, consistently anticipated and was always prepared for whatever conflicts came our way. She listened to everything I was feeling and absorbed every historical detail I provided, she knew what I wanted to convey and then knew how to assure my thoughts would be clear, concise, effective, and most of all brilliant. Francine Cohen is a legal autocorrect, absolutely priceless. Unfortunately, so many times pressing matters requiring a quick decision would happen outside of the workday, on holidays, late hours moments before exchanges, etc. Fran never once left me waiting, I never had to make a decision without her providing her thoughts. So many divorces don't go to trial, mine did. Fran and Olga are militant when it comes to organization and preparedness during the trial. They have all documents available in seconds via Ipads as well as paper. if "God forbid the WiFi" stopped working or paper documents were not available, both ways were backed up. If the opposing counsel is unprepared, Fran and Olga would provide documents in order to prevent time from being wasted. Fran made hours of trial and questioning look effortless, she studied every detail of evidence, she picked up on so many things that I missed, she was fascinating to watch. A custody battle that becomes a war, requires weapons and a shield, Francine Cohen is the only weapon and shield you need.

Nelia Bongiorno

a year ago

Rating: 5

I went to Francine’s office with tears in my eyes and a 6 month old sleeping in a stroller. She’s been my saving grace through a difficult time in my life. I truly do not know what I would Have done without her. She is incredibly knowledgeable in divorce, custody and child support, she is a tough lawyer in the court room, always fighting for what is right and what you need. Her heart is so genuine. She would call to find out how we were doing, and years later never forgot about us. In fact I needed To head back to court and she was there to pick up the pieces once again 6 years later. Thank you Francine and your beautiful team for all you have done for myself and my family. job well done! Highly recommended!

Rebecca Corrado

a year ago

Rating: 5

Francine represented me in my divorce proceedings several years ago. When I first went in to meet Fran, I was nervous and uncertain about what the future held for me. Fran sat me down and listened; she then spoke to me about the entire process and alleviated all of my fears. Fran was with me every step of the way. I have to say that I had a lot to lose; but Fran was able to negotiate an excellent Settlement and I was able to keep the things that I was scared of losing. Fran truly cares about her clients; you are not just another "person" she is doing business with, you are someone she truly cares about. Years after my Settlement was signed, if I had a question- I called Fran and she was always there to help. Always there to listen and give excellent advice. Thank you Fran; I honestly don't know if I could have gone through the ordeal without you by my side. I cannot recommend anyone more qualified!!

Joanne Arhakos

a year ago

Rating: 5

I would highly recommend this law firm if you are going through a divorce . They are extremely professional and Fran always answered my questions and concerns very quickly. I really must say she really knows what she is doing and did an awesome job when it came to everything I was suppose to receive in my settlement.

Nader Habib

a year ago

Rating: 5

Francine has been my attorney over the last 7 years on and off for various issues with my ex-wife. And as anyone who has been through a divorce would tell you , it’s a very stressful and taxing ordeal. But having a lawyer like Francine Cohn on your side makes all the difference. She is smart , diligent , punctual and is very knowledgeable in her field. She is the lawyer you want to have representing you. And this is not just from my own experience. This is from other lawyers that I have talked to and have worked with or against her on various cases. Thanks Francine for all your help.

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Family Law & Divorce

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