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Matthew Lyons

2 weeks ago

Rating: 1

My mother has been dealing with workers comp due and a broken back for two years now. Her lawyer, Edward Delauter, has been dragging his feet with her case. The first time she met him in court, he was in a rush because he was going on vacation after the court date. She was finally told that she was approved for the surgery she needed, got her surgery date, and then it had to be rescheduled because he failed to send the correct paperwork. Her surgery was then denied. He never told her she wasn't approved. She had to call the surgeon to find out what was going on. She tried to call him and found out he had just gone on paternity leave. This guy is a joke. He should have never become a lawyer. If this is the kind of people Dennis Kenney Law hires, then I highly recommend not hiring them at all.

Jay Jay Johnson

9 months ago

Rating: 5

Everyone at Dennis Kenny Law were very easy to deal with. I really lucked out with my legal aid, Courtney. She and the lawyer that represented me in court were well experienced and knowledgeable in trial. Most of my questions were directed to Courtney, and she was very clear when she talked to me. I didn't feel overwhelmed by the legal process, and she made sure she had time for me and always got back to me if she had other clients to take care of during the process.

Laura Hills

a year ago

Rating: 1

After reading all the reviews despite a some of negative reviews. I decided to give this firm a chance and I regret doing it. I have dealt with other firms before but this is the worst. I would have to agree with another reviewer that they don’t treat us not people. You are assigned a paralegal and not an attorney. You don’t even get assigned an attorney until the day of your hearing with the judge. Paralegal doesn’t return calls and i did send her emails. She returned the emails sometimes that same day or days later. A person at Social security called them several times and could never get your paralegal on the phone. Docs was never send and checked in a timely matter. SSA doesn’t wait until your firm is ready and this lawyer firm should know that. SsA will continue your case and make a determination with or without them. I had to gather all my paperwork and get my doctor to fill out forms and call ssa myself to make sure they got it and then call my doctor to tell them to fax it to them or the law firm. I felt like I was doing all the work and I shouldn’t feel that way. Do yourself a favor it’s not worth going to this firm and paying them for services that you feel like your doing yourself. Get a law firm that cares and that you actually can speak with a lawyer through our case. You should be able to trust your lawyer or law firm cuz I never spoken or meet my lawyer but that paralegal. There clients should be there priority and it’s not. Good luck if you go with them and I wish I would of listen to other people reviews because it so true.

Damon Snelling

2 years ago

Rating: 2

The secretaries were very kind and clear about whats going on. But the Attorney said After my court that I will win this case no Problem, Had me waiting 2 years for an answer just to find out I lost, after that they said they couldn't help me and sent me over to a new attorney office who was even worst.

Natalie Hanson

2 years ago

Rating: 1

We went to Dennis Kenny Law for a disability appeal. The initial appointment was very promising and hopeful. They did not live up to that. Our lawyer was extremely difficult to get a hold of, did not prep my mother for the hearing (unless you consider her meeting with us 20 minutes beforehand and telling us "it didn't look good"), did not submit paperwork to the court on time, and then lied to the judge during the hearing about when she received it. My mother was denied on multiple levels of appeals over the course of 2+ years, so she gave up and I left the negative review. 2 weeks after leaving the negative review, the lawyer contacted my mother saying she thought my mom should submit a whole new disability application because she really thought she'd have a better chance with a fresh application now that we could submit all the doctors supporting paperwork right off the bat. Again very promising and hopeful, so my mother agreed. My mom was again denied, and decided to not proceed with any appeals since it takes roughly 18 months to get a hearing before a judge and by that time she would already be retirement age and collecting social security. So, she called Dennis Kenny Law and told them she was denied and did NOT want to appeal. What they did was APPEAL ANYWAY! They left my mom a voicemail saying "we know you decided not to appeal, but we think you have a good chance so we submitted an appeal anyway". My mom was so upset - she is disabled for crying out loud and does not need any more stress then she already has. She called them back and said she DID NOT want to appeal, and they told her well, now you will have to write us a letter saying you don't want to proceed so we can cancel it. So she did that, and we have yet to receive confirmation that they have closed her case. There's much more I could say, but the bottom line is I do not recommend using this law firm after the complete disregard they showed for their clients wishes. Unbelievable.

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