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Dana LoDestro

a month ago

Rating: 1

Spent thousands of dollars with no results. He also gave me bad advice and owed 15000. I hired a different lawyer.

M Velez

a year ago

Rating: 1

Mr Schulefand represented my ex-husband in a case. Despite my ex-husband telling him wrong information was filed, despite the email recognizing joy spilled something on wrong ppw, and despite his admittance in a email that he was submitted aware of WhT contract what signed and in email admitting to not knowing what agreement was signed (as evidenced by emails) he has refused to make things rights. Based on my information emails and correspondence I am filing a ethical complaint with board. I recently asked mr scheulfand who verified the right information was submitted and he refused to respond. While I was trying to assist him with fraundelent activity he refused to acknowledge. At this time I am submitting all claims to NYS board with testimonials and emails for confirmation. Because I have nothing to hide and believe in justice and merit I am willing to provide all correspondences including the one where his client tells him he submitted wrong ppw. While his client sends him a email about wrong information being submitted to the courts Keith ignores it which in turn hinders a child who he could careless about. His client emailed him within 10 days of the wrong ppw sumbitted and Keith ignored. Malpractice at its finest, not to mention he never verified the information being submitted to the courts was accurate and despite his clients emails to him telling him the information he sumbitted was wrong (emails to support this) Keith refused to rectify, which is why I have opened a case with the board regarding ethics and proper filing and verification Update: I have received a very hostile email regarding this post I was told to delete it or a aggressive and swift action would be taken against me for posting my opinion and have proof to back it up. I have no ill feelings about this person I am simply stating my experience my proof and how I plan to follow up. While I am intimidated and nervous about the email especially the language used I will not be bullied into what I feel is my truth. UPDATE 3/16/2020: I must clarify that I RECEIVED a email forwarded by plaintiff 4 days after divorce ppw was submitted in which he tells his attorney that the “wrong ppw was submitted to the courts and the ppw submitted to the courts was not the ppw we signed” I am not 100%confident this email was sent to attorney although it was said that it was sent to attorney. I stand firm that the attorney did acknowledge he wasn’t aware of which agreement was signed as he sent his client multiple versions. I have not received confirmation from attorney that he indeed received the email forwarded to me that his client admitted to wrong ppw being submitted. His client could have sent that to appease me that is only speculation but either way it states he notified his attorney of the error within 4 days of being filed according to the emails received and nothing was rectified. I do not want a attorney to be at fault for something he may not have known and may have been a victim of I am simply seeking justice. I am going according to the emails received and forwarded. Attorney has not confirmed or denied he received the emails o was forwarded by his client however the emails address attorney by name and have email. #simplyseekingjustice

Mark Foster

2 years ago

Rating: 5

Contact Them Early So You Have A Chance. In my time of need they handled everything. I now live 1500 miles from Buffalo NY and they handled everything. Promptly returned calls and emails. Every single question I had was answered with compassion and I feel with my best interest in mind. I would give a 10 star review. If you don’t know what to do make the phone call and get the right answers you deserve. I want to thank everyone at the office and Keith Schulefand.

Dante Stubbs

2 years ago

Rating: 4

Keith and his staff are amazing at what they do and i would recommend them over and over especially for members of the Military like myself i was very surprised with how much they actually knew about the Military and service members i wasn’t able to make it to any of my court appearances due to my service but Keith kept me updated and assured me we would get a fair result in the end and we did! Thank you Keith and staff.

Rick James

9 months ago

Rating: 1

Took my money and was no help, Arrogant,

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Family Law & Divorce

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