stdClass Object
    [google_name] => Farris & Farris
    [latitude] => 35.725366
    [longitude] => -77.9110079
    [address] => 108 Nash Street East
    [address_2] => 
    [city] => Wilson
    [county] => Wilson County
    [state] => North Carolina
    [zip_code] => 27893
    [phone_number] => (252) 360-1339
    [opening_hours_json] => {"open_now":false,"periods":[{"close":{"day":1,"time":"1730"},"open":{"day":1,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":2,"time":"1730"},"open":{"day":2,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":3,"time":"1730"},"open":{"day":3,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":4,"time":"1730"},"open":{"day":4,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":5,"time":"1300"},"open":{"day":5,"time":"0830"}}],"weekday_text":["Monday: 8:30 AM \u2013 5:30 PM","Tuesday: 8:30 AM \u2013 5:30 PM","Wednesday: 8:30 AM \u2013 5:30 PM","Thursday: 8:30 AM \u2013 5:30 PM","Friday: 8:30 AM \u2013 1:00 PM","Saturday: Closed","Sunday: Closed"]}
    [rating] => 4.3
    [map_url] =>
    [utc_offset] => -240
    [reviews] => [{"author_name":"Arius Scorpius","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/117278779565870265798\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJxqCV20V6AVWIEJcQrwRiiFYmkbE9zTmedWAdA4=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"5 months ago","text":"It's been quite a few years since I had any dealings with Mr. Robert or Mr. Will Farris but I should tell you that their service has stuck with me for almost a decade. Back in 2012, I was facing a hefty amount of charges and Mr. Robert Farris was a wonderful source of information for my mother and I. He helped guide us through the first legal process either of us had ever been involved in and really did more in the first weeks of meeting him than some lawyers do for others in years. He handled my case in a fastidious manner and I was more than satisfied with the results.\n\nUnfortunately, I didn't learn my lesson and only a short time later, throughout parts of 2012 and 2013, Mr. Will Farris found himself representing me in the Wilson County court system. Once again, I had quite a few charges against me (Wilson County has a habit of charging you with every recent unsolved crime with your MO in hopes of getting you to admit to the ones you've actually committed because the chance of being found guilty of charges you DIDN'T commit will scare you into incriminating yourself.) and Will was with me every step of the way. Now, I was serving time in a state prison while he was handling my case in Wilson, but he kept in touch with my mother and was always there to answer any question I had. Somehow, he managed to keep me from being locked up for any longer than I was already sentenced to be and managed to get me a better deal for a repeat offense than I had for my first offense.\n\nThese men are both amazing people to have on your side in any legal proceeding. They should be called the Farris Shovels because they can dig you out of any trouble you could possibly find yourself in. With that being said, I strongly recommend you give them a shot if you're ever in need of a lawyer.\n\nOn a side note, I just want to say thank you to Mr. Robert Farris and Mr. Will Farris. You both have played major roles in the reformation of my character and I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you guys put into me. I've been out of prison since 2014 and haven't gotten in any trouble other than a traffic ticket. But anyway, for everyone else, just remember...\n\nWhen no one else can, Farris will.\n\n(Get it? Ferris Wheel? Farris will? Ah, you get it.)\n\nSincerely,\nA Happy Customer","time":1607433842},{"author_name":"Jenny B","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/114094380557927871287\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJxrFLFVy_V3Z_MQTxE1u33YS12VYxseMIT4VPP7=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":3,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"There seems to be a pattern with Wilson County lawyers\u2014as soon as they get your full payment, they cease communicating, and when pressed enough for information, reply in curt, unprofessional, single sentences.\n\nChelsea in the office was a fantastic help, but the same absolutely cannot be said for Mr. Breen. My case was handled, but could have been infinitely less stressful with a couple polite and timely emails answering the 2 questions I had during the process.","time":1561550491},{"author_name":"Shabazz Foreman","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/103468869268223332225\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14GhpCHdWLOe4A3c1cdQzZOWa0b9__gkki1jynkhE9Q=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"3 months ago","text":"They get dune for real!","time":1612607739},{"author_name":"Craig Christman","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/100003716633895076690\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14GhFPFD-nVn_hfaQxeC4ks2WwftjjWXBrRvyTW0j7w=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"Hands down the best of the best.... Thanks again Rhyan for your assistance. I will be sending everyone I know that may need a great lawyer your way.","time":1565912603},{"author_name":"Greg Kennedy","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/114443380123256255586\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJzP3P3tcmqxw5USRr7aPREOafKNnuuo6xucIS4o=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"In the current climate we live its hard to find people or businesses that are nice and courteous but the folks at thomas and farris werejust that and more\ncouldn't ask for better service\nA big thank you to will farris","time":1583004620}]
    [photos] => [{"height":1391,"html_attributions":["Farris & Farris, P.A.<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwIn4zNQRzkCizBrl-bnyK8smC_iWW1vBhKYPxRBR7Nf5n3vkTRZ9FLba9GFsBmqGrzca2PLUbhydCQOPhlJcCkJXTp0NvBMk8NRCM-JYbC9GjfbHgdq8YtvmTt_imeXlAnyPdanYrL4dRiYEFhFxSgwwPuAZG0jlCdd7eTmPLA9hvfN","width":2048},{"height":4160,"html_attributions":["M.D. Doll Allen<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKj0HYOIaJjvI0xCnBUP6sBYRy4FsvaOcqRXQtkppQDwyLwHLccAb7N6cPTP4iTof9JL7nbhQ7whrC2HlQgk9th_MOiZKyhxi1b34WlbKp_JdrIiSuQoqn-R4VxCtZQRV37vyeCNmEDRRhC5oFY4eeo1VJ8kCbVerPgHTQRp72os2H9","width":3120}]
    [website] => ?referredby=GetLegal
    [formatted_address] => 108 Nash St E, Wilson, NC 27893, USA
    [roundedRating] => 4.5

stdClass Object
    [office_id] => 124886
    [firm_name] => Farris & Farris, P.A.
    [hours] => Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
    [google_place_id] => ChIJAZpsixGerokRvNFn5in0oWo
    [latitude] => 35.726281
    [longitude] => -77.9113222
    [tagline] => 
    [aboutUs] => 
    [website] =>
    [websiteClean] =>
    [profile_img] => 118414_profile_img_121.png
    [phone] => 252-360-1339
    [phoneClean] => 2523601339
    [fullAddress] => 108 Nash St E, Wilson, NC 27893
    [fullAddressTop] => 108 Nash St E,
Wilson, NC 27893 [address] => 108 East Nash Street [address2] => [city] => Wilson [state] => NC [zip] => 27893 [main_image] => /assets/images/default9.jpg [title] => Farris & Farris, P.A. | GetLegal Directory [description] => Farris & Farris, P.A. | 108 East Nash Street , Wilson, NC 27894 | GetLegal Directory [keywords] => Find a Lawyer, Attorney, Lawyer Name Search, Local Lawyer, Lawyers, legal help, local attorney [geo_region] => [geo_placename] => [geo_position] => [ICBM] => [lastUpdate] => 05/29/2021 [firm_name_alt] => Farris & Farris, P.A. [sub_type] => [_keyword_name] => Farris & Farris [_keyword_full_address] => 108 Nash St E, Wilson, NC 27893, USA [_keyword_city] => Wilson [_keyword_state] => North Carolina [practice_areas] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Accident & Injury Law ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Criminal Law ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Employment Law ) [3] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Family Law & Divorce ) [4] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Wills, Trusts & Estates ) [5] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Workers' Compensation ) ) )


108 NASH ST E,
WILSON, NC 27893

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Practice Areas:
  Accident & Injury Law
  Criminal Law
  Employment Law
  Family Law & Divorce
  Wills, Trusts & Estates
  Workers' Compensation
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Accident & Injury Law
Criminal Law
Employment Law
Family Law & Divorce
Wills, Trusts & Estates
Workers' Compensation

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