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10 months ago

Rating: 5

Attorney Anna Wright and I have been in connection for over many years and she has always been professional and pleasant to work with. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Anna has shown great concern for me when I most needed it and has gone above and beyond to help me with all of my matters and issues. You can count on her doing the same for all of her clients. She will treat you like a person and not just another account. Anna has always been really easy to talk to, she will walk you through every step of the way and keep you updated on your case at all times. I would highly recommend Anna Wright and her whole office as they are all very professional and a pleasure to work with. I now consider Anna not only my attorney but also a great friend whom I know I can always count on and am beyond grateful for all of her help. You can be confident and expect nothing but great work from Anna and the whole team at Atnip & Associates, PLLC.

Michael Oblizajek

4 months ago

Rating: 5

As a former employee, and while they are now my "Distinguished Competition" in the personal injury realm, I can vouch that this is an OUTSTANDING law firm that you can count on to get the job done! This is an EXCELLENT group of attorneys that act as a FAMILY of attorneys to help each other out without hesitation, in order to ultimately help YOU, the client. I personally vouch for the absolute genius of Jeffery Sprys, a true tour de force of legal knowledge and skills - the man has talent. i worked with Jeffery at another Firm as he was a rising star there, and now he's skyrocketed into success at Atnip & Associates, celebrating his 2nd anniversary at the Atnip Firm this November, 2020! Go get 'em, Jeff! In addition to Jeffery, the Firm has an impressive roll call of individuals that have remained at the Firm since my tenure: (i) Anna Wright is a fastidious detail-oriented individual who has handled not only personal injury matters but MOLD cases in Michigan, which many in the legal realm would consider quite esoteric - but Anna is not intimidated by anything that might help the Firm's clients, ultimately. In addition, Anna during my tenure did a terrific, bang up job answering discovery and handling depositions (believe me when I say the Atnip Firm has a true Perry Mason in having Anna) (ii) Joe Krajewski - who has a phenomenal analytical skillset and in composing many of the written briefs submitted to the Court is truly like a maestro at the keyboard creating so compelling a symphony to be played like a musical song in court that YOUR legal matter will have an indelible voice with the Judge and the Jury; (iii) Jamie Kress - who is the pre-litigation paralegal at the Firm and truly has a heart to LISTEN and COLLECT the necessary facts of your matter to help the attorney determine if they can represent YOU - I've been WITNESS to Jamie's impeccable and passionate EMPATHY in relating to the clients and prospective clients, and you'll be glad to have called Atnip & Associates' main number in order to speak with her; (iv) Stephanie Griffin - a truly down-to-earth legal assistant who made sure when I was headed off to court she truly prepared me to advocate on a client's behalf; Stephanie was ALWAYS all smiles with a tenacity to grit her teeth and get the job done WHENEVER I asked the same of her -- What a treasure Stephanie was to work with!; and (v) and I would be deeply remiss if I didn't mention the skilled, caring heart of Heather Atnip, the "Atnip" in "Atnip & Associates, PLLC" who ensures she knows the workings of the Firm and helps to manage every single client and cares for them all! HEATHER WANTS JUSTICE FOR YOU! Heather has recently branched out her Firm to add a SECOND office in Sanford, Michigan, helping to assist with victims of flood in the Midland and surrounding areas so as to collect what is rightfully owed to these individuals from their insurance companies. Go get 'em, Heather! So proud of you and ALL the Atnippers. So please, make sure you consider Atnip & Associates for your various legal matters.

Claudia W

a year ago

Rating: 5

Speaking from experience with the system I've dealt with for 30+ years now as a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor I got results working with Heather and her team. Everyone at this firm goes beyond on every level for their clients, things were explained to me at every step and handled with precision, at any point if I had a question I could contact the office and have my questions addressed with the professional level that they all hold themselves to. I finally got to feel like I had a voice in my case. I highly recommend Atnip & Assoc. to anyone seeking the best.

Wordi Dortch

7 months ago

Rating: 5

Very good service always there when I had questions thanks alot Anna Stephanie and atnip

Brooke Ersig

10 months ago

Rating: 5

Wonderful group of attorneys. Heather helped my brother with his case and his results were really good. Very compassionate, like family. I would highly recommend.

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