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    [google_name] => Thatcher Law Firm
    [latitude] => 38.9984026
    [longitude] => -76.8901717
    [address] => 7849 Belle Point Drive
    [address_2] => 
    [city] => Greenbelt
    [county] => Prince George's County
    [state] => Maryland
    [zip_code] => 20770
    [phone_number] => (301) 850-1246
    [opening_hours_json] => {"open_now":false,"periods":[{"close":{"day":1,"time":"1800"},"open":{"day":1,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":2,"time":"1800"},"open":{"day":2,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":3,"time":"1800"},"open":{"day":3,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":4,"time":"1800"},"open":{"day":4,"time":"0830"}},{"close":{"day":5,"time":"1800"},"open":{"day":5,"time":"0830"}}],"weekday_text":["Monday: 8:30 AM \u2013 6:00 PM","Tuesday: 8:30 AM \u2013 6:00 PM","Wednesday: 8:30 AM \u2013 6:00 PM","Thursday: 8:30 AM \u2013 6:00 PM","Friday: 8:30 AM \u2013 6:00 PM","Saturday: Closed","Sunday: Closed"]}
    [rating] => 4.5
    [map_url] =>
    [utc_offset] => -240
    [reviews] => [{"author_name":"Jason S","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/113742720280534071733\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJwTGxB7pJUak_3g5DZldEp0uKDwtRUQMFQwLZ24=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"3 months ago","text":"From the moment I called Thatcher Law Firm to schedule a consultation, I knew I was in the right place.  The process was streamlined and easy, which I greatly appreciated.  Linda Thatcher's expert advice and guidance quickly got me a favorable result.  She is direct, gets to the bottom line, and does not waste time.  I am very grateful that Linda worked closely with me, including at night and on a weekends, to help me resolve my employment matter so quickly.  I highly recommend Thatcher Law Firm without reservations.","time":1614113720},{"author_name":"TamikaTyrese Hardy","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/111879726110180347065\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14GhEnR1cC_Z5m_gTjBbfCxmmG1z4UXfoLI5tqEUcfA=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"5 months ago","text":"Linda and the Thatcher Law Firm team were a blessing to me.  They helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life.  Linda and her team are compassionate, caring, and strong attorneys.  They worked tirelessly on my behalf and fought to make things right.  They are very responsive and made sure I understood every step during this process.  I cannot thank Linda and the rest of the team for everything they have done for me, as they have turned my life around.  Without a doubt, I highly recommend Thatcher Law Firm.  BEST Employment lawyers.","time":1607449423},{"author_name":"Joanne Dill","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/102792965622818049610\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJxksjXDHxplM0Zur9We_e_8xEL4sknPGrIleRQt=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"6 months ago","text":"The Thatcher Law firm responded to every question I had and were knowledgeable and helpful - and truthful - about the issues they could provide assistance with.  In one particular instance, they coordinated my communication with a contact of theirs, and by doing this were able to assist with resolving an issue within a matter of hours.  This was an amazing help to me and an astounding turnaround time.  I am grateful to them for their advice.","time":1605634387},{"author_name":"Jessica Morgan","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/105401291803934180475\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJzi6WCLNi_kU2GV8lpUc8-B95UgFMYvbVtyA4AS=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"4 months ago","text":"Linda Thatcher and her team have been upfront, honest and compassionate.  I highly recommend this Firm and will assure you they will walk hand in hand with you and help make the whole process as painless as possible and get you the settlement you deserve.  Thank you Thatcher Law Firm for all of your hard work.","time":1609873229},{"author_name":"Katherine Frazee","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/107178053303316267345\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJznoWQTGorGvZs_Zx3xR_Ooeb811BTeuiA9ImWJ=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":1,"relative_time_description":"8 months ago","text":"This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had. My boyfriend and I scheduled a consultation with Linda after doing a lot of research. My boyfriend was the client and I was planning on paying all of the legal fees. The moment Linda walked in she was incredibly rude and condescending and told me that her associate had \"warned\" her about me and that she only wanted to speak to my boyfriend and not me. She then told me that I am not an attorney and that we wouldn't find anyone better than her. I was incredibly offended and looked at my boyfriend and told him that we were going to leave. She then looked at my boyfriend and said that she would provide him a free consultation if he kicked me out of the room. I then said to my boyfriend to have the free consultation and then we'd hire someone else. He then texted me about 30 minutes later saying that Linda wanted me to come back in so she could explain things to me which I immediately refused - ironic that it was when she found out that I was paying for everything. I have never felt so disrespected in my entire life and even if she is the best I would never spend a dime on someone that treats a human being that way.\n\nWhen I returned home I sent an email explaining that she was unprofessional and treated me with disrespect and that I would not hire her because of this. She replied to this email saying that she never kicked me out, she was not rude and that she never said a colleague told her anything about me. I am appalled that she even has any business due to her narcissistic tendencies and conceded comments. My boyfriend, who is extremely sweet and never says anything mean about anyone, said that she was being a horrible person to me and it seemed as though it was her mission to prove that she was smarter than us. Do not waste your time or money on this firm. There are many reviews on here that share similar negative experiences","time":1599953108}]
    [photos] => [{"height":2362,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwLcOn-Yz8AvnuAYcCpv0p9xmtyNvwlKkUFGVtye2zqwPv3xum2Hp_sKHIbErA16WVEKS1oCCNBH4Ozf3eUXWYxxm8mcTGQwK4WKC-uu3HE0Sk3B-y9rr1C_QdhodJi2mfgqe3gz02ICZoJbWCHPsBVkb1el5t9jIg-WN5pIXQDjy6Jy","width":4200},{"height":720,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwI3i2U43hX2J0XCh_xT-ywm4GBKgUszwG63zh2yxUBv3tuY6KjHzVl8raVXjMvXB8FZwTSlJWu-erc0R-rVvhGoA9FfnJwfgTEfInbe0e8mZLGCY1LdRnISihSKG6iw9qEQSVlQj5QLsXzjvKXxs4M3Cbdz6KzKnFupgiogD1U_KEbH","width":960},{"height":1000,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwJsC9bLkA8UCP89J3zMlg5I4kG4r__XbmlJMVThOUvq6MSkBJJD3drDzlOy5V3g2OzS-l09ZIuFCdPPxdIYmoMwGtzFwEvrGnofsQqvnBd6FXSqrWI-C8qwnHjeAC-s2F7xGbgRi-ltus1z20GkF8L4r6Uc075-w84ky2N0XTDHwGTu","width":1000},{"height":298,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwJ4ISWuWm8RZOXLEML76RxNKUz15I4KCl0slDs_A8m1KJIpWOgo8qbyddyAHbuHWG-wwoTzXgM8bTDmdQY7qxMMuQowyTRqRgizMJFxwXSm4wjN_vJ8G2A2_OgOVt1stw9cEkoJBZ6VUF6EapE1elVKDEUfWGuUHdQCJFVqGOh9RbH9","width":287},{"height":371,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwL3O0PKumUP6Tl_QQkb34NJHj1raNtkky_d1vBPSNNIUznc8ht7rjjngsVkRJkwYqTI9nGr0FZX_9eJBYcr1eKD9jVrmcs_5A7Nr2mP6ddyxh6nttyFkimpnMsx6taA605yk5WAonr6swgsRjmSjklFnUXXyKtK6En2i5fGVed50kkA","width":287},{"height":371,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwL92RJVx5sKqJPAlX5pc7LmmJsKNz63Mmt_8lWGSUV4eGn1uXRQExwBZHfgmakXO8eT9B4Rr1tiwBc0fvXCwG6OqztPtKlEc5gcwg_L-CWh0K-hT8tc54VdY9vCJO1oWToRIx9oPdOOU3dW8wbF-6L-kphx8tBRJfIQYFhT65kmFy06","width":287},{"height":250,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwIMGi9WrNqRjM76Dj7lv2gPwG6zerhdtQdOEv4e6DxPQThJ6uMieYYQOJCY1I_STQ6aI4Qa35YuQLOVePnCtam-SVB0BtDESkY0iI64TCllMJ7IAn7UJg47EaKnidPLqL0XNfevoNZiIXP0VkeqP4AZ5_nP3uWPdHuKLoqNzEeUH6Nn","width":250},{"height":371,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwLe5swKuCYbsXA3rKBtpZNZ8xL1zW6FbxEAHBCW9HbNuZNisR8q7Yh97yuczD6iETnB2If_f1CXlZTuYe3PgE6DaVsq2QokrjOyp8L3rEntxQ0dNb80LMEUYSCDeDnUseQktLSp8bhqXfqaIEk6Vj4W4WIxXgKPv20ljsUvI4Xm6AU3","width":287},{"height":660,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKf8_y8Zl9UEcCTjwU1DGM5BCXKLaRwNPjTMRSN9USRuA5hmVeklwJBya-9eanDrh_QU6JNNlexFfMf02nWWuIVLRbkp8BdFuRDfq2-6b79YwXW59sPlycwEKDEoF-fqtPrrZ6n9qBUFwSvjpFUMJ6vtrbnWnSyOHcMflj2zoGBGtpH","width":660},{"height":432,"html_attributions":["Thatcher Law Firm<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwLyhVPIP3UhQc3jRKZHDxMLI3XGTsVr_2xCBIc_w0CWVutnQ7j7TjWMG47EiVivfquPENeOVjFuLN8sxlNrOU3lsORXog7fVlJRu2stDjdb1Eskq0Oe-f2AP8d8ezKTc2JIUqFxD-hpgTEE7dxk7AUR0DOMTK26kqwNxMcY0Vm-kdzR","width":287}]
    [website] =>
    [formatted_address] => 7849 Belle Point Dr, Greenbelt, MD 20770, USA
    [roundedRating] => 4.5

stdClass Object
    [office_id] => 136825
    [firm_name] => Thatcher Law Firm
    [hours] => Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
    [google_place_id] => ChIJJ_P8AtzDt4kRTsvZDbhOA1U
    [latitude] => 38.9975034
    [longitude] => -76.8899999
    [tagline] => 
    [aboutUs] => 
    [website] =>
    [websiteClean] =>
    [profile_img] => 126078_profile_img_121.png
    [phone] => 866-604-3882
    [phoneClean] => 8666043882
    [fullAddress] => 7849 Belle Point Dr, Greenbelt, MD 20770
    [fullAddressTop] => 7849 Belle Point Dr,
Greenbelt, MD 20770 [address] => 7849 Belle Point Drive [address2] => [city] => Greenbelt [state] => MD [zip] => 20770 [main_image] => /assets/images/default9.jpg [title] => Thatcher Law Firm | GetLegal Directory [description] => Thatcher Law Firm | 7849 Belle Point Drive , Greenbelt, MD 20770 | GetLegal Directory [keywords] => Find a Lawyer, Attorney, Lawyer Name Search, Local Lawyer, Lawyers, legal help, local attorney [geo_region] => [geo_placename] => [geo_position] => [ICBM] => [clickdesk_code] => [lastUpdate] => 06/03/2021 [firm_name_alt] => Thatcher Law Firm [sub_type] => [_keyword_name] => Thatcher Law Firm [_keyword_full_address] => 7849 Belle Point Dr, Greenbelt, MD 20770, USA [_keyword_city] => Greenbelt [_keyword_state] => Maryland [practice_areas] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Business Law ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Employment Law ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Social Security Disability ) ) )
Practice Areas:
  Business Law
  Employment Law
  Social Security Disability
Call us at 866-604-3882

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Business Law
Employment Law
Social Security Disability

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