stdClass Object
    [google_name] => SR Law Group
    [latitude] => 33.749723
    [longitude] => -84.7517925
    [address] => 12461 Veterans Memorial Highway
    [address_2] => 
    [city] => Douglasville
    [county] => Douglas County
    [state] => Georgia
    [zip_code] => 30134
    [phone_number] => (404) 410-6505
    [opening_hours_json] => {"open_now":false,"periods":[{"close":{"day":1,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":1,"time":"0900"}},{"close":{"day":2,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":2,"time":"0900"}},{"close":{"day":3,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":3,"time":"0900"}},{"close":{"day":4,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":4,"time":"1100"}},{"close":{"day":5,"time":"1400"},"open":{"day":5,"time":"0900"}}],"weekday_text":["Monday: 9:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Tuesday: 9:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Wednesday: 9:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Thursday: 11:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Friday: 9:00 AM \u2013 2:00 PM","Saturday: Closed","Sunday: Closed"]}
    [rating] => 5
    [map_url] =>
    [utc_offset] => -240
    [reviews] => [{"author_name":"Dawn Odom","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/116690106122717030242\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJwvJnBI18VF6HAjTYD5p0poDo4l25vcEfbebg-6=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a month ago","text":"Nicola and her team were the solution to my problem. My family and I were under extreme medical strain for a few weeks. Nicola and her team worked through every condition we encountered to produce every estate document my family needed (wills, POA and health directive). She has a quick response time, always ready to work my family for best possible solutions. Most importantly, she traveled to my childhood home in Decatur to have my elderly parents sign all documents. She saved my sister and I from gathering two physically challenged parents to travel to her office. I am so thankful!","time":1618798780},{"author_name":"Jimmie Lyons","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/109431089375684061791\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJyU2WpyW3Vkig7bG2PGAL8KbJ1p7UYOfpaRZAQ6=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"8 months ago","text":"I contacted SR Law Group for consultation on estate planning as a resident of Atlanta (Fulton County), Georgia. It was determined through exhaustive inquiries --from both sides--that I should have a Will, a Power of Attorney, a Health Directive, and a document granting a release of the Health information. Explanation for having each document was provided.\nTheir entire team provided a workplace, mostly virtual in this CoVid 19 period, of respect and congeniality. My initial phone call was met with a greeting from Team Member Angela! A welcoming voice so genuinely cheerful that I wanted to call every day just to have her brighten my day with her greeting. Then, Team Members, Attorneys Olivia and Nicola consulted with me. Each of them offered their expertise in providing a comprehensive estate plan customized for my needs. They were pleasant and patient; they listened to what I said I wanted; posed some \"what ifs\" that I had not considered; advised me as to what I needed, and then made it happen!  Their professionalism, knowledge of law, thoroughness and humaneness permeate every facet of the SR Law Group, from start to finish. A Class Act Team.","time":1600629012},{"author_name":"Nu Wil","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/110752100726791410252\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJys7ospmE-7EjOr4xy0wP1-obD6Wd0vsMhM567Y=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo-ba2","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"4 months ago","text":"I have been working with Mrs. Robinson and her team for 3 years and I must say that they have definitely kept me positive and informed during my Perm. Guardianship process. SR Law Group fought hard for me that me and my baby girl are offical! Thank you so much Mrs. Robinson and Ms. Olivia.","time":1610804733},{"author_name":"Brenda Zachery","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/102382750618209477958\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJz2Zw012KV4SFMknk6GwUzs0L7pWqJYMoMmfSYx=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"I contacted SR Law Group and worked with Olivia Smith.  I am over 65 and decided to check to see what I needed to do.  We had a consultation and she prepared all of the documents that I will need for different experiences to come.  She helped in preparing my Will, a Power of Attorney, An updated Health Directive, and a document granting a release of the Health info.  I was advised why each document was needed. She was very professional, knowledgeable and polite. My contact with her and the staff was very easy to work with and my involvement was great.  I have no problems in recommending them to aide in helping anyone prepare these needed documents.","time":1577466856},{"author_name":"Chris Gulley","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/117989007217148711697\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14GjZAwykw643H568yJdKonAkp9y1iAAQbpS7CFCwdg=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"Nicola was wonderful!! She represented myself and my husband in several cases. She did a TPR, delinquency case and an adoption.\nWe are very satisfied with the work she has done in helping us save and complete our family.","time":1581285017}]
    [photos] => [{"height":576,"html_attributions":["SR Law Group<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKqOvxF1aGr8PRSemXf3CJ1CX7DtNetzO6j_PfLcKF_2OFk_KWhhcDnz85GS3hQ_P0Smqhp8kj7DfbyTYER1nSnBN_7xFwi0dvA4zrJRtVMk91MpjqcIYhrOvCmJ_UBMnTyHt8QI3K6Rpn9dugeJo_XSLqhu0ZUsWjEZs_PRac7l2Hm","width":1024},{"height":2490,"html_attributions":["Nicola Robinson<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKNhidLJCvX15bxL34dAAFG2Fz4uS5wJ3CVLwW1pkYMWfxOO2YuNrgi3m5HGXV9UD6jS_d1bzUrsVSR8B41rtDqygseMC0VO9X9MJUvyYs9IzgLt77-eUneLhbIberqL7aC1Yy9Fh2tV95YnQ2EOf1eLgBDM1NwkY2s4TDpQwcHQt9p","width":2337},{"height":768,"html_attributions":["Kei Blake<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwLx1bvnC7IwvJll50qdecDqZeNORpG1xUfm7Z7Lzn61VsQMNzibcDSfrOFfUk9qVw3mNo2hw2sET5yQNuZNfSsgDCkZiWWgc8QfO3fuTKiwWQExwkZ9EMfbdduCjHdU6j8usN8SCSlgwUNj25tljmWzpFSzZYmUCfjVwI3LXyhhceuK","width":1024},{"height":992,"html_attributions":["Nicola Robinson<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKP6JWsDmtZJ3gKjg3h_uKwxQixr7kskN85T1jC3fO0fpe3PGqZVcRPw6j_u-q_1UPJAYqEa_VEkTud8uLLDSkz7l4FR0CSzyULz0rmcmeR4JT5pfa2NuImguq4hT-2vLga6aSl19VQjF8VNS9kErQq07EIDBG_7TGCjs9xJRxZB08T","width":666},{"height":2703,"html_attributions":["Nicola Robinson<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwLPrshpQ0UdVfCwPgYv8Sen2VCPB9vHwDfHuDNdlLI0gNtkbl01BJJwPay7eobrEAJVU1MwCSpDU1DFGytaIlTPiJAY6YVUg_G0b3r9nF9vtc5XauBVJawNA99LFIS56dzGzxX0LGZqorVjx64_AP9K58I4_tOgHuUx8ZJKjYEeP7Mq","width":3909},{"height":3615,"html_attributions":["Nicola Robinson<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwJuRRMChO3fT_8mOeI-kO5Rl1n48V299e1a0uHtN6fZFZ_U3OOWae9Ttm_1wC109DeI19kd8lXQrt-qFmrb8BbyC3Wn-XiANf1gvHDVWu2StJz-fmV0VUzHV5qENJ-oyAZAhZ9IW6Ip-3gRojTIHUoByOqBMs85QdbWGNJ9Db6WGecE","width":4125},{"height":960,"html_attributions":["Olivia Smith<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwK5-qoAYl24-rl9ioJDGAn0LnRih-6zUz5MdxExOowEaZ9Fe78mkA8ADrrEqa_kgxGWZSsLeJriDOBEj_GsmWc0EarlOKl6lhj13D1n3LispO5__pVIQeBwkT99qJGKLKEjZwkwC5571P3U1DlT7jW0vRgfxQ_Wa-MQqX7R3_pExdR7","width":960}]
    [website] =>
    [formatted_address] => 12461 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 615, Douglasville, GA 30134, USA
    [roundedRating] => 5

stdClass Object
    [office_id] => 133277
    [firm_name] => Nicola Robinson LLC
    [hours] => Thursday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    [google_place_id] => ChIJZ5xOfUAm9YgR7Pe3WSV7uEs
    [latitude] => 33.7496444
    [longitude] => -84.7517138
    [tagline] => 
    [aboutUs] => 
    [website] =>
    [websiteClean] =>
    [profile_img] => 123868_profile_img.jpg
    [phone] => 470-240-0817
    [phoneClean] => 4702400817
    [fullAddress] => 12461 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 615, Douglasville, GA 30134
    [fullAddressTop] => 12461 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 615,
Douglasville, GA 30134 [address] => 6790 Broad St,Suite 12F [address2] => [city] => Douglasville [state] => GA [zip] => 30134 [main_image] => /assets/images/default9.jpg [title] => Nicola Robinson LLC | GetLegal Directory [description] => Nicola Robinson LLC | 6790 Broad St,Suite 12F , Douglasville, GA 30134 | GetLegal Directory [keywords] => Find a Lawyer, Attorney, Lawyer Name Search, Local Lawyer, Lawyers, legal help, local attorney [geo_region] => [geo_placename] => [geo_position] => [ICBM] => [lastUpdate] => 06/03/2021 [firm_name_alt] => Nicola Robinson LLC [sub_type] => [_keyword_name] => SR Law Group [_keyword_full_address] => 12461 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 615, Douglasville, GA 30134, USA [_keyword_city] => Douglasville [_keyword_state] => Georgia [practice_areas] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Criminal Law ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Family Law & Divorce ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Wills, Trusts & Estates ) ) )
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  Criminal Law
  Family Law & Divorce
  Wills, Trusts & Estates
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Criminal Law
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