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    [google_name] => Seward Law Office, P.A.
    [latitude] => 27.9458578
    [longitude] => -82.5339718
    [address] => 5401 West Kennedy Boulevard
    [address_2] => 
    [city] => Tampa
    [county] => Hillsborough County
    [state] => Florida
    [zip_code] => 33609
    [phone_number] => (813) 252-6789
    [opening_hours_json] => {"open_now":false,"periods":[{"close":{"day":1,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":1,"time":"0900"}},{"close":{"day":2,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":2,"time":"0900"}},{"close":{"day":3,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":3,"time":"0900"}},{"close":{"day":4,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":4,"time":"0900"}},{"close":{"day":5,"time":"1300"},"open":{"day":5,"time":"0830"}}],"weekday_text":["Monday: 9:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Tuesday: 9:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Wednesday: 9:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Thursday: 9:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Friday: 8:30 AM \u2013 1:00 PM","Saturday: Closed","Sunday: Closed"]}
    [rating] => 3.8
    [map_url] =>
    [utc_offset] => -240
    [reviews] => [{"author_name":"DSL","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/115018166950071432984\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJzENnIpNyYu52sPgFllTksgOn16Kr4M8slntcN9=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":1,"relative_time_description":"2 weeks ago","text":"A waste of time and money, find another lawyer that is results driven. Please read the reviews they are 100% accurate regarding her performance.","time":1620389019},{"author_name":"Leon Levy","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/107612022797857802780\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14Gi-PHVjfFUHk4Q1mFdVg44aF9EcSC1W4-pv7Ee3ghc=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"Seward Law Office has been great and I am glad I selected this firm! This is my third time using Alicia and each project she worked on for me has been such a smooth experience and executed properly on the first draft (which saved time and money). She's reviewed a complex lease agreement, prepared demand letters, and handled a unique legal matter for our company.  I recommend Seward Law Office to friends\/colleagues and will definitely be using her again in the future should the need arise.","time":1578542784},{"author_name":"IGswift s","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/105470663382441954730\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14GhfwnJ69OkjQUA5E4giWmWKegJd2AMwNjGueOMeGQ=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"My adult nephew has special needs and started neglecting to pay the mortgage on his home. The bank foreclosed on the property. I tried to fight the bank on my own and later realized this was a HUGE mistake. Saddened and overwhelmed with it all, I decided to consult with Seward Law. From the initial call to her office, I could tell I made the right decision. Her staff was very professional but most importantly empathetic. Alicia was able to undo A LOT of the mistakes I made while trying to handle the foreclosure on my own and reverse the entire situation. We won!!!! My nephew is back into his home thanks to Seward Law!! We will forever be grateful. I gave this review 5 stars, but I WISH I could give it 10!!!","time":1578510339},{"author_name":"Talicia Rose","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/100521053346393920185\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14Gjk83ll9NltTDHDarby4hCwE9oliaX-2K_3Quk5sg=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"Alicia is an awesome attorney. She was courteous and she took the time to really listen, great work ethics! I definitely would recommend her to anyone.","time":1579182454},{"author_name":"Michael Roberts","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/105481878736980994599\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJyi1lptjkC-r7S37E4oUMLun8-NgtZUWy0oyci3=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":1,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"I honestly wish I could give zero stars. The lack of communication Alicia and the staff have shown is mind blowing. I should have went with my gut after I had my initial intake. They have no idea what they are doing. Stay AWAY!!!!!!","time":1577980628}]
    [photos] => [{"height":477,"html_attributions":["Seward Law Office, P.A.<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwJ8bDTTv61GyuI5SMriyLTyE-NWCp-sJs7GBx0TsJ8g6HR95rXINeZ4r7PsK48tVNsITejfG-OAvazx1W2o-pwCzoQ3qn2m-DmO_3NfKJYeKaMpsM8SK_qWVIGVnHC1qain66HbtiJ3les0vPassJ7UHYhkbvglpAR-9rX_gvWDYf1t","width":703},{"height":400,"html_attributions":["Seward Law Office, P.A.<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwIvitJvtG5-GfBKmWor_iwV4udtubUM8jVUDbV_Dn2sIeNPNY8F0uWIjH6Kd-jCWWoIoOqvfykkDzMiS1Izj2b8c_wwWPoHB2j4Vin1FdgsVvHyZ9MonPtRHtbTF0By8zRgLzBq-wXrLfGmInn0cOSN4lBwtyT_nuJcBWpQfA121wPF","width":314}]
    [website] =>
    [formatted_address] => 5401 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33609, USA
    [roundedRating] => 4

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    [office_id] => 135667
    [firm_name] => Seward Law Office, P.A.
    [hours] => Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    [google_place_id] => ChIJGbs-hFrEwogRvDdq--WChy8
    [latitude] => 27.9608075
    [longitude] => -82.4432179
    [tagline] => 
    [aboutUs] => 
    [website] =>
    [websiteClean] =>
    [profile_img] => 125363_profile_img.jpg
    [phone] => (813) 666-8814
    [phoneClean] => 8136668814
    [fullAddress] => 5401 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33609
    [fullAddressTop] => 5401 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 100,
Tampa, FL 33609 [address] => 1814 N. 15th Street,Suite 10 [address2] => [city] => Tampa [state] => FL [zip] => 33609 [main_image] => /assets/images/default9.jpg [title] => Seward Law Office, P.A. | GetLegal Directory [description] => Seward Law Office, P.A. | 1814 N. 15th Street,Suite 10 , Tampa, FL 33701 | GetLegal Directory [keywords] => Find a Lawyer, Attorney, Lawyer Name Search, Local Lawyer, Lawyers, legal help, local attorney [geo_region] => [geo_placename] => [geo_position] => [ICBM] => [clickdesk_code] => [lastUpdate] => 05/27/2021 [firm_name_alt] => Seward Law Office, P.A. [sub_type] => [_keyword_name] => Seward Law Office, P.A. [_keyword_full_address] => 5401 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 100, Tampa, FL 33609, USA [_keyword_city] => Tampa [_keyword_state] => Florida [practice_areas] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Bankruptcy Law ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Real Estate Law ) ) )
Practice Areas:
  Bankruptcy Law
  Real Estate Law
Call us at (813) 666-8814

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Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Bankruptcy Law
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