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Is a person to trust. Will take well care of you and he is outstanding person. And his associate mr. House it exactly that to. He will impress as he has me . Both are good men with one hell of a will to do wonderful work. As a team you better watch out colorado..... Denver needs to recognize some outstanding people....

John Heston

a year ago

Rating: 5

David japan is an excellent attorney and will work laboriously to get the best outcome for you. I'm used David as a personal attorney and for several business ventures and had amazing results let him work for you.

Shihan Qu

3 years ago

Rating: 5

David Japha is a professional beast of a lawyer, willing to go out of his comfort zone to litigate uncharted waters. David has been helping Zen Magnets LLC fight the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for the last 5 Years with more success then any firm in the last 32. It was thanks to his dedication and hard work that magnet balls are not banned in America today. My appreciation is infinite.

Sigal Stein

2 years ago

Rating: 1

Your judge will appear as if she's just a little "off". David Japha will convince you that he can fix this on appeal. In reality money changes hands. When your judge abuses her discretion you legally have to name her as the Appellee. If you do, she'll put you in jail so you miss your deadlines to file documents with the Appeals Court. David Japha will name the other, wealthier, unentitled or guilty, party as the Appellee. This way there are two paying attorneys and enough to go around for all judges and justices. Be aware that your attorney is self-regulating. They don't have to represent your interests or say the truth or follow the law - or anything else. The law is predictable so no one will litigate. They simply ignore it, interpret it, adjust it or abuse their discretion. You'll be wasting your money with a crook. David Japha belongs in prison, except that there's no one to put him there. He only has two other reviews, because as soon as a real one comes along he'll change profile and email addresses.

Jessi Harris

4 years ago

Rating: 5

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Bankruptcy Law
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Immigration Law

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