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Sheila Cheshier

2 months ago

Rating: 5

Todd Friedman and all of the Associates in his office were so helpful in my case. They responded to all my questions quickly and explained in detail. I worked with Meghan George and she was so friendly and very thorough. I would call them again if I ever needed them in the future and would recommend them to my family and friends.

Susan Maldonado

2 months ago

Rating: 3

He asked for documents, he already knew what case was about , Than he says his office don't handle those kind of cases, when he should of just told me that from the very beginning.. And not waste my time or his.." These lawyers need be more professional"..

Ialana Rhea-Butler

7 months ago

Rating: 5

Todd is extremely efficient, he's very professional, he knows his stuff, he's great at answering your questions, he doesn't get frustrated when you ask questions. He's patient, he's great at what he does and his firm is full of sharks! They don't play, they get it done and they are punctual!! I will be contacting them for all of my attorney needs from here on out! I have already referred them to a couple of people! Thanks Todd!! Thanks for making this all quick and simple!! And I appreciate the fact that the docs I had to sign for your firm to represent me, were simple and easy to understand. Thank you!!

Jaime Barragan

3 months ago

Rating: 5

Best Attorney I have ever worked with. He is very clear, very professional, and will always let you know what is going on with your case. He resolved my legal issue and couldn't have picked a better attorney for my case. I recommend him 100% to anyone who needs legal help.


a month ago

Rating: 5

Mr. Todd Friedman and staff have earned the highest I’ve ever given—ELEVEN (11) stars (and a bonus sticker)! Now, as those who have read some of my other reviews are probably already aware; a business must really have gone above and beyond before they receive my kudos. These folks—double kudos! First, to Todd Friedman with whom I initially consulted about my case, and the second to attorney Meghan George whose mastery of the art of negotiation secured an outcome that far exceeded my expectations. Please forgive my felicitously drafted description of what I experienced while doing business with this firm, as it is due to an NDA I signed as part of the settlement I received at the conclusion of my case—so here, I will only be sharing what I can. Cool? It all began in 2017 when I impulsively signed up for cellular phone service that was supposed to be less than $20 per month for unlimited use at the LA County Fair. The catch was that you had to get multiple lines, five to be exact and the other catch was that you had to signup for their automatic bill pay service. I got the lines (but never used 3 of them) mostly because the deal included 5 free new phones. Then, right before Christmas 2018, the company (that might have been named after a swift summer Olympic competition) decided to raise my bill an additional $50 for no good reason—so I switched to another carrier. Six months later, I received notice that a delinquent account had been added to my credit reports. Soon after, I got a letter from the phone company threatening to use the bank and/or credit card information they had on file (from paying previous bills) to take the money they claimed that I owed them, without my approval. Luckily, I acted immediately and closed my checking account, then reported that the credit cards I had previously used-to have been stolen. The following day, several attempts were made to submit ACH charges (electronic checks) against my bank account and also several against my Visa—ultimately all were unsuccessful. I drafted a complaint and a demand that they cease and desist their illegal collection efforts and sent it to their chief legal officer. Soon, I was in contact with Jennifer D. from the “Executive and Regulatory Services” department—who sent me provable forgeries when I demanded that they produce proof of their authority to withdraw my funds without my express authorization. I went to the police, submitted a formal complaint to the fraud department at the company and was preparing to initiate a court case (with my ideal outcome being to have the delinquency removed from my credit report). It was through my research into successful court filings involving the phone company that I discovered Mr. Friedman, or to be more accurate; his work. I came across a complaint, which was against the same phone company and was for practices that were similar to those I was protesting against. I was beautifully written and it was a class-action. I contacted Todd via his email and after a conversation, he agreed to represent me. Ms. Meghan George was the attorney assigned to my case. After a brief interview, she got to work. The draft complaint she submitted for my review was 100% error-free (I am the kind of guy who returned a corrected syllabus to a English professor!). A few weeks later—Meghan tells me that she convinced them to pay me $X,XXX.00 (less than ten thousand), erase the past due status on my account and remove the negative info from my credit reports. WooHoo-Many, many thanks! Meghan you are Marvelous, thank you very much! By the Way- I waited until after I actually received payment before writing this review. ELEVEN stars!

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Accident & Injury Law
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