stdClass Object
    [google_name] => Law Office of Heath L. Baker
    [latitude] => 33.95833
    [longitude] => -117.39618
    [address] => 6216 Brockton Avenue
    [address_2] => 
    [city] => Riverside
    [county] => Riverside County
    [state] => California
    [zip_code] => 92506
    [phone_number] => (951) 222-2228
    [opening_hours_json] => {"open_now":false,"periods":[{"close":{"day":1,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":1,"time":"0800"}},{"close":{"day":2,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":2,"time":"0800"}},{"close":{"day":3,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":3,"time":"0800"}},{"close":{"day":4,"time":"1700"},"open":{"day":4,"time":"0800"}},{"close":{"day":5,"time":"1500"},"open":{"day":5,"time":"0800"}}],"weekday_text":["Monday: 8:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Tuesday: 8:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Wednesday: 8:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Thursday: 8:00 AM \u2013 5:00 PM","Friday: 8:00 AM \u2013 3:00 PM","Saturday: Closed","Sunday: Closed"]}
    [rating] => 4.1
    [map_url] =>
    [utc_offset] => -420
    [reviews] => [{"author_name":"Courtney Hale","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/113280282699381155628\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14Gia-Ii3syDiI0FfM3RSkSQBCsKYyZjwCJc4EakX5w=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo-ba4","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"5 months ago","text":"Highly recommended.\nHeath and his staff are refreshingly responsive unlike other attorneys I've seen. Extremely knowledgeable with a powerful presence in court with legal staff who are very attentive to responding to emails and inquiries. I felt like I was in such good hands when Heath was present. He doesn't play games and is honest and doesn't drag things out.","time":1610566927},{"author_name":"Albert Escobar","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/107325255966299020461\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJwFa7EN84pyrC2jyGLLr_NXMcXimHAQGqjll2aW=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"7 months ago","text":"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Law Office Of Heath Baker!!!  From the first day I contacted them I truly felt like the whole team was in my best interest.  I contacted  them in May of 2020 when everything was in full lock down due to C19  and just through phone conversations, emails and text I knew I had made the right decision. Today 10\/27\/2020 was a VICTORY for me and I couldnt be any happier.  I want to Thank the whole team especialy  Christine Olvera for always keeping me informed and HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Baker for taking care of business today.  I never once met anyone at the office until my court date today, that speaks volumes for the amount of respect I have for this team.\n\nThank You,","time":1603855732},{"author_name":"Olivia Fonseca","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/107512710989368588750\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a\/AATXAJwff4a2IpSml2DALPxgs9ADC1Gx-E-Nhzv9nrHc=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"2 years ago","text":"I don't normally write reviews, but I feel this law office definitely deserves one.  From the moment I walked into the office I was met with the utmost professionalism.  The two ladies at the front desk were very kind and helpful. I was then greeted by Mr. Baker earlier than expected.  After listening carefully to my case, he proceeded to provide a detailed explanation of my options.  I truly felt empowered with the amount of support and guidance I received...I can't thank you enough for that!  I know that I definitely exceeded my consultation time, yet I never felt rushed.  Wow!  I have left this office today feeling true care and concern for my case, something I have not experienced in another attorney's office.","time":1560402450},{"author_name":"andrea soto","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/111688503510273369113\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14Ggo0PIucVUgT4EnqqYgKJn-Wtmc4mgDudWF7tWtG00=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo-ba2","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"a year ago","text":"Mr. Baker is an amazing attorney. Not only is he great at winning your case, but gives you personal advice. His staff is on top of everything. You will not be disappointed.","time":1582236112},{"author_name":"John Reyes","author_url":"https:\/\/\/maps\/contrib\/109575868690885105061\/reviews","language":"en","profile_photo_url":"https:\/\/\/a-\/AOh14GgXZxhttraajcaT3i9-o1D1DhNMMfYqug8W062V=s128-c0x00000000-cc-rp-mo","rating":5,"relative_time_description":"5 years ago","text":"To all future clients of Attorney Heath Baker,\n\nFirst and foremost, I would like to start off by saying if you are reading this and looking for legal representation, look no further. Attorney Baker and his staff are some of the most genuine and professional individuals I have ever been around. They strive on conducting themselves with strong ethical values and take ownership of your case. The Law Offices of Heath Baker have brought relief and satisfaction to my wife's personal situation. Heath Baker has represented my wife for approximately three years now and we couldn't be anymore pleased to what has transpired over these years. An important factor we observed from Attorney Heath Baker, is that he takes ownership over the case and never loses sight of the best interest of our child. From the point that we retained Attorney Heath Baker until now, we have never felt nor believed Attorney Baker was out to drain our pockets and just collect a paycheck. On the contrary, we believe that Attorney Baker has remained devoted throughout this process and is diligently working towards a favorable overall outcome. My wife and I have established a strong rapport with Attorney Heath Baker. Reason being, he not only cares about the the case he is handling, but most importantly he cares about his clients and the child\/children involved. There is no doubt in my mind,  I would recommend The Law Offices of Attorney Heath Baker to anyone in need of exceptional trustworthy legal representation that will get the job done without any hassle.\n\nRespectfully,\nJohn Reyes","time":1461109838}]
    [photos] => [{"height":3727,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwItR1IzAUsO3grlyn9W6XHiI8r0_Q_h24dLGbtxkFgUlONCicwjSugeN7AS6Ev5r4CEHp002dr_CVcBHW8yuvnEDkpw5bjqy5aLc0JpBcDnj56cw__ZlYGiAeZWlUccpTCV5YKFb3xgTQWdgNX1MlZ7VItODOz0W_Iu5IDT-QCcMI4l","width":5590},{"height":267,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwIQSylBs6ONYqB0m-weCsRrOh_mnEY3SXvBGOka_9a0UpRh4eA1_9ri6U5V-MjR-uykNjWv6gtI1kuvekjR2dq08J7jFdaB3s0s3jh6oYo0XN8_rVfNwkwZ_FPOAuekSB4vH16i4kCmuU4wA_EHHIvWbXRflvxq-YIBK608fGLyDD6b","width":400},{"height":4000,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwL8yT0XWY1rd5SdTBduxgmUmBiTlYnL-JyLYqprPsdLcOHATN3UuOUFNp0aofUWsfdYaaPCBscuhu_hvHU_Xbpwvs665LxDc6lc-CykVM64Jj2oGnH2qjnaku5z3KqT7fi6RFbADd_HAXTbPG--z5l5N7eU7dHEaeDtofKLNtyTuQge","width":6000},{"height":2322,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKzqD3j_BC1fPs-UXmf6xrqr0sFDzd_7dmQc1fMfxTWFgdl4-2RAgr92nXLZ6d9dVWDUpwLqVaG9Tk7qBP7NfPGsxhcl5_2P0tYYK2zkoeQV1Y0QIMhyYWrVk21lvc3JmGUDiHgP94o20NF4f6A39BDXujeRZqhq5ibAgvCYogkyYM7","width":3444},{"height":267,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwJapif1mB1XPOtKn8FbZ6ghEdnGW4irarh5pTP31hqtiJAsTBtjNpLEOGnG_icF11wwEjhX96HBKtO_jgiM13jJcpj6g8oIB1ClrpgQMuU4VA69--lghhLM8VG8qkeZkwToKNA0Cwt0VRioq1NkZ2MJEJpVShEqchMi4rhrNxbhqCmB","width":400},{"height":2126,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwK2dizo2U7T4_u3HdCP6KzgG6NvNemS3zoe4aYQtz5rR1C5hBWLbo0GHtoJztd5Y_vfUShLEzzm1mB5OYqmbVVZhZv8xL2-IW_XnxU08SbdqQ4KnLxJETT8fxsCk6QGYmDUk9walgrpH6VaIRHgpsS6gqzMl8ZsQqVU_GqiT-BZuTZy","width":3761},{"height":3161,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKZp84zqY8MobSZviyicKTHpB-tSAl3oTi7Jqc4BootBqYEMJV5pekeNt7iZblSi0k4PkvlcOCc1PodZE0qw7eUJGVUKGHu7U5ku5hqscxxpjS9FFTNhNm54Wa41KVSDVXD7no8HfiQuJuFHULHByDBJ49rtiUYhoc_AyVIHVTJq8Ha","width":4615},{"height":4000,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwKg98tlyckRDNb1X_lVdeMb2VxCbV-AvFOINTM-as20FL65BS7NUXLrAXaysthiowhGa5dkbLWF5G23XY68kysddGaF3FG8-ppFcY-iRXatNhDOJmXgLaaDyd3p2zbW8dVVeRvzMe9ziBgcWzDk1m5Lj2xld3MmmcSN-Bcr1cgoVztR","width":6000},{"height":4000,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwIGdJd6l7E7BYs7gkGCsZZqxQbNBeYNYwn891TLXxTu9VMP-AwQQLiNSN0xWh0mWdsauVdA-x8orymkD07zbmc77H6ytMUIBVoOG2MWrPtiHXWxK1IleOpCxLwk5VUoEPTVAUjpoMqsUJAFB6x6hmzSokZnBCqQ8prREIMTBN_zZ1Jz","width":6000},{"height":4866,"html_attributions":["Law Office of Heath L. Baker<\/a>"],"photo_reference":"ATtYBwLtPqAkjMEqG-rPYDS4oH0ok17p7Z_LNvt_2TNlJ-qbwetBwwvhoBMpXgZow1g3hEFfpsvsB-FSU5YgobIFL_2W6HCtXHfGlyJWJz_YX56p39oO_p5FCl0Fv_YCNrDgJON5BGIzRgU6AWqLh1AAaH0akzHFQvkq3Avk7TuxZpwdiMbd","width":3757}]
    [website] =>
    [formatted_address] => 6216 Brockton Ave STE 211, Riverside, CA 92506, USA
    [roundedRating] => 4

stdClass Object
    [office_id] => 140961
    [firm_name] => Custody Family Attorney Riverside
    [hours] => Sunday: Closed
    [google_place_id] => ChIJCc2OFPKx3IARkgEPp10-5BI
    [latitude] => 33.95833
    [longitude] => -117.39618
    [tagline] => Custody and Family Lawyer Serving the Inland Empire of Southern California
    [aboutUs] => Custody Lawyer Riverside is one of Southern California’s preeminent law firms for child custody and family litigation, disputes, and trials. Based in Riverside, California, Custody Lawyer Riverside has helped thousands of clients in providing legal counsel and helping them meet the many legal challenges and decisions they face. As a law firm with integrity, we consistently strive for the best possible results and provide the best legal service for our clients. 
    [website] =>
    [websiteClean] =>
    [profile_img] => 20200421194530-75518437-1587516330.png
    [phone] => (951) 888-3100
    [phoneClean] => 9518883100
    [fullAddress] => 6216 Brockton Ave STE 211, Riverside, CA 92506
    [fullAddressTop] => 6216 Brockton Ave STE 211,
Riverside, CA 92506 [address] => 6216 Brockton Avenue [address2] => [city] => Riverside [state] => CA [zip] => 92506 [main_image] => /assets/images/default9.jpg [title] => Custody Family Attorney Riverside | GetLegal Directory [description] => Custody Family Attorney Riverside | 6216 Brockton Avenue , Riverside, CA 92506 | GetLegal Directory [keywords] => Find a Lawyer, Attorney, Lawyer Name Search, Local Lawyer, Lawyers, legal help, local attorney [geo_region] => [geo_placename] => [geo_position] => [ICBM] => [clickdesk_code] => [lastUpdate] => 06/13/2021 [firm_name_alt] => Custody Family Attorney Riverside [sub_type] => 4 [_keyword_name] => Law Office of Heath L. Baker [_keyword_full_address] => 6216 Brockton Ave STE 211, Riverside, CA 92506, USA [_keyword_city] => Riverside [_keyword_state] => California [practice_areas] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [practice_area_name] => Family Law & Divorce [practice_area_name_spanish] => Derecho de familia y divorcio ) ) )



Custody Lawyer Riverside is one of Southern California’s preeminent law firms for child custody and family litigation, disputes, and trials. Based in Riverside, California, Custody Lawyer Riverside has helped thousands of clients in providing legal counsel and helping them meet the many legal challenges and decisions they face. As a law firm with integrity, we consistently strive for the best possible results and provide the best legal service for our clients.

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  Family Law & Divorce
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