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Tina Camera

6 months ago

Rating: 5

Chandra is a beautiful person, both inside and out, and is genuinely interested in helping people. When I was 17 years old, Chandra spoke at my high school and discussed career pathways in law. I remember she had a calm demeanor and smiled a lot. Chandra has an incredible warmth, which made it easy for us as students to ask lots of questions. Because of this, I felt comfortable enough to reach out to her and ask for help with my high school senior project. She was friendly and open and willing. And looking back (being 31 now and well into my career) she must’ve been beyond busy. While I have never been a client of hers - I can speak to her practice, because out of utter kindness, she gave me the time of day to show me her office, and even take me to the courthouse she worked at, through Senate Judiciary meetings at the Capitol, and thoroughly talk me through her line of work. I was just so impressed with her level of knowledge and wit, and her passion for law. Chandra was a beautiful mentor, as we continued to meet up several times over the years. She has a good heart, and as a professional working attorney, I never felt as though she was condescending or talked down to anyone (nor has the capacity to!). Chandra has been a motivation to me for 13 years, and will continue to be. Being in my 30s now, I look back at my experience with Chandra and the impact she had on me. During my formative years she taught me the importance mentorship and kindness, and choosing work that can be an expression of passion. She is truly inspirational.

bc nickel

5 months ago

Rating: 5

When I arrived in Chandra Miller’s office, I had been separated for several years after a 20-year marriage in which my husband had handled all the finances. I was paralyzed by sadness and fear about my future. The one attorney I had previously consulted looked over my paperwork (two marital agreements drawn up by my ex-husband’s trust attorney) shook her head and said, “This is very unusual,” which I already knew. What I needed was someone with the fortitude and knowledge to guide me through a contentious divorce. Thankfully, Chandra turned out to be just that person. Right off the bat, she told me I was in for a tough fight, she was up for it, and she would not fight harder for me than I fought for myself. I was impressed with the speed and accuracy with which she assessed the legal points, as well as the emotional aspects, of my situation. She further informed me that she would not take me on as a client unless I saw a therapist. I left her office with a referral to an excellent therapist and the belief that, with Chandra as my attorney, I no longer had to be a passive bystander in my own life. I am happy to say that Chandra in action surpassed anything I could have asked for. Thanks to her dedication, intelligence and integrity, I didn’t just survive the divorce process, I came out of it with the confidence to manage my own finances and make my own decisions. Chandra’s legal acumen and intuition were invaluable in navigating a divorce complicated by two ambiguous marital agreements, and she did an outstanding job of protecting my interests every step of the way with a laser focus on details that had major consequences. At the same time, she always kept the big picture in mind and educated me throughout the process, which enabled me to withstand a lot of pressure to compromise my financial future. Chandra treated me not as a case but as a person, which meant that when the divorce was final I was left with not just a financial settlement and support (both of which I was very happy with) but the means to manage my new life. During the divorce process, she brought in a financial analyst to help us come up with a realistic settlement amount and introduced me to a trust attorney, both of whom I continue to consult today. Furthermore, Chandra has been extremely responsive and helpful when issues arise around enforcement of the marital settlement agreement. And she did all of this in a very cost-effective way, not only helping us stay out of a lengthy and very expensive court battle, but always being conscious of her own fees. Retaining Chandra as my divorce attorney will undoubtedly remain one of the best investments I will ever make.

Pamela Reilley

2 months ago

Rating: 1

Opposing counsel and all future and past clients take notice. Ms. Miller uses gaslighting and frequently launches personal attacks, fabrications, and makes disparaging comments about the targeted spouse/parent that she knows are NOT true. She is “unprofessional” and “unethical.” I know divorce is not easy, but working together with your partner is really going to save you a lot of money and help you reach a common goal. I wish I knew that then! Sadly, Ms. Miller is incapable of helping anyone achieve a common goal. She antagonizes and upsets the other party while trying to convince you she is compassionate and on your side only to rack up your legal fees by encouraging the court to schedule court date after court hindsight I realize that now. All the while you are paying her to prepare and appear in court on your behalf. She preyed on me while I was trying to work through a difficult time in my life. For that, I would never recommend her!

P. Rodriguez

2 months ago

Rating: 1

She is absolutely the worst Family Law Attorney in town!!!! Just awful!

Daniel Meeks

8 months ago

Rating: 1

***Update: I changed my two stars to one star today because her office is harassing me to change my review. No, I will not change my review! I want to be honest, but I don’t want Chandra to sue me either. After all she is an attorney. I agree with Rebecca and some of the other reviewers. Chandra comes across as narcissistic, snooty, spoiled, and doesn’t seem to give a care except when it comes to paying off her charges. I read the positive reviews, and they are so over the top...they seem fake and an attempt to increase her clientele. Katie is nice (her help). Chandra just wasn’t able to effectively get through to the judge like I needed her to. She sometimes struggled to answer the judge’s questions because she was unprepared, and was not able to effectively argue in my defense. She tried and failed. I feel she was a waste of my hard earned money. A year and a half later, after several court hearings, I realized Chandra just wasn’t the attorney I needed. I hired another attorney, and I’m so glad I did! After firing Chandra, I started having much better outcomes in court. I would go with a more mature, experienced, and competent attorney.

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